Children’s Day Celebration

Vidya Vikas Academy organized a Children’s Day programme for the Senior Secondary students on the 24th November 2018. The teachers and children remembered Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister, and celebrated the love that he had for children with a host of fun-filled games and a cultural program. Children arrived at school, dressed in colourful clothes and were full of excitement and joy. The programme began with a short prayer service were the teachers raised their petitions to the almighty for the gift of children to the institute.

Children were completely immersed when they saw their teachers performing for them on the stage. Middle school teachers had put up a mesmerizing anglo-fusion dance followed by a hilarious performance by the Senior Secondary teachers which left the students in splints. The students were then treated to some yummy snacks and ice-creams. The excitement of the day continued with the plethora of games arranged by the teachers for the students. To end the fun-filled day Sir Neil D’Cruz and Tr. Vanessa Gonsalves arranged a jam up session for the students with hearty music to dance on. There was excitement in the air and the students were full of stories about their special day at school.