Restriction of Mobile Phones in School – K to 12






NO. CBSE/AFF./CIRCULARS/2009                                            29th July,2009

                                                                                                                     Circular No. 02




All the Heads of the institutions

affiliated to CBSE.




Subject :  Restriction in the use of Mobile Phones in Schools.



Dear Principal,


The ubiquitous Mobile Phone has seeped into the lives of every individual irrespective of whether they are students, teachers, professionals or others.  It is imperative for us to reflect on this over dependence on technological interventions which can have both positive and negative impacts.


The use of Mobile Phones definitely needs to be restricted in school environments.  The Board is of the opinion that all stakeholders connected with school education such as students, parents, teachers and heads of institutes need to arrive at a consensus on the use of mobile phones in their schools and restricting its entry in the school campus.  This is because mobile phones can be a serious cause of distraction, lack of concentration, anxiety, fear and sometimes even misuse.  Even if the mobiles are in silent mode they can be a source of disturbance within the classroom as students can make use of Short Messaging Service (SMS) during the class or even during an assignment.  The cameras which are a common feature now in most mobile phones can also be misused.


There have been enough lessons that have been learnt in the past regarding the use of mobile phones and the Board strongly recommends that students should be convinced about not carrying mobile phones to the school.  The principal, teachers and other staff should also not be seen using the mobile in classrooms, playgrounds, common areas, laboratories and other parts of the school premises.


The school authorities may provide land line telephone/s from where the teachers and students can make calls in need and emergency, if necessary.  There could be a centralized system of receiving and recording calls for teachers and students of the school.


This may be brought to the notice of all teachers, other staff, students and parents so that a more meaningful learning atmosphere can be created in the classroom which makes for a better ambience and school environment.


Yours sincerely